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1. Testimonials from Life Coaching Clients

“When I spoke with EL for the first time I was in complete disarray. My mind was thinking a mile a minute, couldn’t make a decision on my own, didn’t know what career path I was supposed to head down, couldn’t find a job, etc. I was in a panic and was very unkind to myself.

After 5 months of coaching I am still learning new ways to be happy, but am much more confident with the tools and guidance from EL. There is much less weight on my shoulders and a lot less stress in my mind.

The best part: I now have the courage to go forward as a new and improved me :)”
– CK

Emma helped me identify what was important to me and what I wanted out of the next 20 years of my life. After 3 months of coaching I left my employer and moved to a new city in the Okanagan to start a new chapter in my work life. My wife and I are happier than we’ve ever been and I put more time and energy into my family and kids. In short, I was able to organize what I really wanted and not just talk about it like it was some far off unattainable dream. I feel rejuvenated in a way I’ve never felt and am having the time of my life! I would recommend Emma to anyone who is looking for help in focusing on what they want out of their future and their life. It was definitely a worthwhile 6 months! Dreams can come true and Emma helped me start living mine. Signed, a faithful and happier,
– William Arndt, Roads Foreman

“Every once in a while an individual enters our life and touches us in a way that we are never again the same… Emma, you’ve influenced me and inspired me to accept myself and be comfortable enough to just be… These realizations may seem simple but have empowered me to have the life that I want by simply being me! This journey is so exciting, I want to thank you for your insight, wisdom, wit and tools to help me make sense of my life! And through this journey I’ve become friends with myself which has been the greatest gift! So thank-you Emma from the bottom of my heart!!”
– Angela Kailley, Teacher

“While I was already experiencing a level of award winning success in my career and a fulfilled and satisfied personal life, Emma-Louise was able to help me hone in on things that were truly important to me. She caused me to think thoughts I had not before and to create action plans that were simple and effective. I especially loved her innovative worksheets, exercises and unique tools which helped me put the many thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head onto paper and then ultimately into action. I recommend Emma-Louise’s coaching to anyone looking to achieve a greater level of excellence in their lives!”
– Lori Bryan, Real Estate Marketing

“I think there might be some very interesting possibilites for both of us now that I am living here in Italy for the various retreats you lead. I am a living example of somebody you have helped realize their dreams even though I was scared sh*tless, working in a travel agency, for half of what I was worth, back in Vancouver. We can discuss at length further when I get back. There is sooooooooo much to talk about!”
– Jessica Andrews, ItalianVisits

“I would recommend Emma as a life coach to anyone with enthusiastic gratitude”
– Tracy Bramwell Chubaty, Photographer

“I am extremely thankful to know Emma-Louise and strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to get the most out of life they possibly can! She has been a tremendous support both personally and professionally. Her tools are simple, easy to use, and highly effective. What I like most about her coaching and her tools, is that I always walk away with an ‘action plan’ I can implement right away, from which I start seeing results almost immediately.

Even though I consider myself already ‘happy’ with my life, working with Emma-Louise inspires me to reach an even greater level of happiness and not settle for anything; she uncovers barriers and desires I didn’t even realize I had.

By inspiring the child-like creativity and dreams inside each of us, her methods help one to break free of the ‘daily-grind’ and instead enjoy this ‘adventure called life’ as much as one possibly can!”

– Rishel Tomlinson, Mortgage Broker and Owner of Custom Mortgages

“The last 7 months of coaching definitely exceeded all my expectations and more. Coming into it I wasn’t sure what to expect. I feel like I learned more about myself. I have become more confident in myself. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I definitely recommend coaching to anyone. It will help you step out of your protective space and challenge you to move forward to bigger and better things for the future. I feel like I have been hiding in a shell all these years and the true essence of me is just starting to flourish.”
– Riffit Sheikh, Student

“Emma’s clear energy and positive intentions relaxed and guided me from the get-go. Her breadth of knowledge about the human spirit and our complex world made it easy to openly explore and disentangle conflicting restrictions behind my thoughts. I immediately put to use the supportive, intentional messages Emma and I created together. Through Emma’s straightforward steps, I see that coaching is to my thoughts about success what therapeutic massage is to my body!”
– Sheri Wisnowski, Marketing Strategy, Communications & Relations

“Emma’s upbeat style and positive outlook left me feeling uplifted after every session. She is genuinely interested and I felt very comfortable to discuss any subject at length without fear of being judged in any way. I now find my life in greater balance I spend more time with my family and on myself. The irony is that my performance at work has only improved! I would recommend Emma as a coach particularly for anyone tackling major change or working on their work life balance.”
– Patrick Marr, Regional Manager

“Life coaching has really helped me change the way I look at life. I used to fret about work and how my career was progressing – I was constantly putting excess pressure on myself to be successful and achieving the unattainable. Life coaching put my life back in to perspective and made me understand what was really important to me. I am still ambitious and have lots of goals but I am now working on goals that I really want. I prioritise how I live my life and I also have more confidence to try the things I really want to do.”
– Martin Porter, Entertainment Category Manager

“Emma helped me to identify achievable goals thereby providing a needed direction in my working and private life. Her coaching skills, continual support and belief in my capabilities have helped me to achieve many of the goals that I have recently set. Emma has helped me to realise that I am the person in control of my life and that it is my choices that will determine my success and happiness.”
– Joanna Aunon, Resourcing Manager

“Thank-you so much for everything you have taught me over this past year. Your advice and exercises have been invaluable in me finding me! For the first time ever I found myself close 2006 and open 2007 with a new outlook and step in my pace. You are a true inspiration! Thank-you.”
– Rav Gill, IT Project Manager

“Emma’s read of me is so ‘bang-on’. In the first 3 sessions she pinpointed fundamental core issues that were causing me such pain and self-loathing. She helped me realize how they were affecting almost every aspect of my life. Coaching with Emma has helped me create systems to overcome them. Together, we’ve come up with solutions that are practical, simple and actually work.”
– Cristina Velez, Communications

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2. Seminar and Event Testimonials

Goal-Setting 2007 “My favourite thing was the booklet with thought-provoking questions and the summary sheet to post as a reminder! Awesome!”
– Erica Dufra

Goal-Setting 2008 “I should also tell you that when I took your goal setting workshop at the Every Woman weekend these two things were on my list (buy a house, find a new, more meaningful job). They seemed impossible to attain at the time. It’s amazing the way things fall into place if you make room for changes. So, thank you for the guidance and the lovely worksheet!”
– Jessica Beverley, Lawyer

Goal-Setting 2009 “a great way –> in one hour! To set specific (SMART) goals and learn how to achieve them”
– Koh McRadu, Dance Teacher

Goal-Setting 2009 “Everything I needed to start planning a new year packed into a one hour session”
– Ashley, Retail

Boost Confidence 2007 “Emma-Louise provided a great seminar with empathy and humour. I feel more confident and will definitely pursue the strategies.”
– Lena Jerabek, Marketing

Boost Confidence 2007 “An incredible amount of valuable information in such a short time.”
– Carla Maftechuk, Graphic Designer

Boost Confidence 2008 “It’s a highly interactive session. Never a dull moment! You never know what Emma’s going to ask you to do next…that’s what makes the session exciting!”
– Wai Bing Liew, Human Resources Manager

Boost Confidence 2008 “Fantastic – I am Fabulous!”
– Lane Johnston, Finance Supervisor

Boost Confidence 2008 “Emma-Louise is a great facilitator, engaging, witty & knowledgeable!”
– Sheila Walkington, Money Coach

Boost Confidence 2008 “Emma-Louise guides you through steps to inner confidence – but really self-discovery”
– Jen Plaza, Sales and Marketing

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3. Retreat Testimonials

“It was the best 3 1/2 hours I’ve spent. I had so many ‘aha’ moments, that it brought so much clarity for me”
“Having a 3 hour ‘meeting’ with your ‘spirit’ trainer heightens the experience of life”
-Farzana Logan, Writer

“Touched my inner soul, my inner goddess, I did not know I had. Life changing!!”
– Tairalynn C, Wedding Planner

“The Spring Goddess Retreat is a great 3 hours in the midst of our chaotic lives to stop and linger and indulge your spirit”
– Jesse Andrews, Owner of Italian travel company

“It was an enlightening experience that every woman needs to recoup her energy and carry on her busy life!”
– Kim Gordichuk

“A great place to connect with like-minded women of all ages and become introduced or re-introduced to your beautiful self”
– Teresa B, Nurse

“Wonderful opportunity for a gathering of women of all ages to share community”
– Nancy K, Nurse

“It was wonderful to take time to be with inspiring women and to listen to my thoughts”
– Shala Chandani, Human Resources

“I loved meeting a diverse group of women. We laughed, shared and inspired each other. I had a lot of fun and am definitely looking forward to the next event”
– Char Spence, Curves Trainer

“Do yourself a favour and come and share with a small group – I always come away feeling wonderful”
– Nicolle Kirk, Executive Assistant

“I discovered how empowering it is to be surrounded by women on similar journeys in life.”
– Corinne Begg, Emergency Medical Dispatcher

“If you want to get inside yourself & see yourself for the beautiful awesome person you are – then sign up silly!”
– Kassy L, Facilitator/Trainer

“I came to the retreat today with a heavy burden. I am inspired to make the changes I want to make, to be able to walk a little lighter on this Earth. Many thanks Britta and Emma-Louise. Priceless event. Well worth every penny. Just the right content and just the right people and just the right learnings for me in the now. Love M”
– Martha Lewis, Public Health Nurse

“I realized that anyone can be a goddess and value oneself”
– Letitia “Tish” Weatherill, Sales & Marketing

“The retreat was an excellent start to a Summer of celebrating all that I am”
– Leanne Pawluk, Writer

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4. Creative Visualisations

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CD!!! Awesome job. Love your voice, the speed is perfect, love the sound/music added to it. You have created such a wonderful piece and it helps me calm and ground myself in the matter of minutes.”
– Zsoka Scurtescu Web and Graphic Designer

– Ravinder Gill IT Project Manager

“It was healing to let someone guide me through an inner journey to rest and to the future”
– Caroline MacGillivray Founder/President of Beauty Night

“Emma-Louise takes you on a journey to peace, tranquility and relaxation”
– Tara Payne Jewellery Retailer and Designer

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