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Upcoming Workshops & Talks

Currently there are no upcoming workshops planned. Please check back or make a request here

Past Events

Previous Workshops and Seminars

1. Local workshops on Salt Spring Island

a) A number of Vision Boarding Workshops by donation for location charitable organizations. See sample poster Jan 2011

b) Presented with Wendy Judith Cutler, Teacher, Author, Journal Writer and Feminist.

  • Women’s Journalling Classes – “Journalling AS Self-Care” and “Journalling Through Transitions” See sample poster Mar 2012

c) Presented with Christina Richard, Intuitive and Psychic.

2. For The Every Woman Conference – in Vancouver and Whistler

  1. WHISTLER – “Get More Time to Do What Really Matters: 5 Ways to Boost your Personal Productivity!” Sunday 26th May 2013
  2. VICTORIA – “7 Steps to LOVE Your Life!” Saturday 17th November 2012
  3. VANCOUVER – “7 Steps to LOVE Your Life!” Saturday 27th October 2012
  4. WHISTLER – “7 Steps to LOVE Your Life!” Saturday 28th April 2012 & “Getting Unstuck – How Knowing your Values can Set you Free!”
  5. VICTORIA – “7 Steps to BOOST Your Energy!” Saturday 19th November 2011
  6. WHISTLER – “7 Steps to BOOST Your Energy!” Friday 13th May 2011
  7. VICTORIA – “Be a Rebel! Turn Your SECRET Dreams into Goals That Excite & Inspire YOU!” Saturday 22nd January 2011
  8. WHISTLER – “Be a Rebel! Turn Your SECRET Dreams into Goals That Excite & Inspire YOU!” Saturday 15th May 2010
  9. VICTORIA – “I Can Learn – Creative Visualisation” Sunday 18th October 2009
  10. WHISTLER – “I Can Learn – Creative Visualisation” Sunday 24th May 2009
  11. WHISTLER – WOW your Goal-Setting! Sunday 24th May 2009
  12. VANCOUVER – “I Can Learn – Creative Visualisation” x 2 – Sunday 5th October 2008
  13. WHISTLER – WOW your Goal-Setting! Saturday 31st May & Sunday 1st June 2008
  14. WHISTLER – BOOST Your Energy! Saturday 31st May 2008

3. For The Canadian Blood Services Conference 2010

  • “Don’t Let Your Blood Boil! 7 Easy Steps to Boost Your Energy AND Find Balance!” Sunday 16th May, 2010, 10.30am-12.00pm

4. For Lululemon Athletica.

  1. WOW your Goal-Setting! Lululemon PARK ROYAL Half-Marathon Running Clinic – Tuesday 27th February 2007
  2. BOOST Your Energy! Lululemon PARK ROYAL Community Events – Monday 16th April 2007
  3. GET SET for Success! Lululemon PARK ROYAL – Monday 10th Sept 2007
  4. BOOST Your Energy! Lululemon ROBSON St – Sunday 16th September 2007
  5. Building INNER CONFIDENCE! Lululemon 1148 ROBSON ST – Wednesday 14th November 2007
  6. BOOST Your Energy! Lululemon 2113 WEST 4th AVENUE – Wednesday 21st November 2007
  7. WOW your Goal-Setting! Lululemon 2113 WEST 4th AVENUE Vancouver Sun-Run Running Clinic – Monday 18th February 2008
  8. WOW your Goal-Setting! Lululemon 584 Johnson St, VICTORIA – Tuesday 20th January 2009

5. For Wired Women and Vancouver Community College

  • 7 Steps to Boost YOUR Inner Confidence! Wednesday 16th April 2008, 6.00-8.00pm

This event sold out!

6. For Young Women in Business Conference – Beyond Pink!

  • 7 Steps to Boost YOUR Inner Confidence! Friday 28th March 2008, 2.30-4.00pm

This event sold out! We even had a couple of male attendees who enthusiastically joined in!

7. For DNA – the Downtown Networking Association

  • 7 Steps to Boost YOUR Inner Confidence! Wednesday 6th February 2008, 6-8pm

This was a packed session, despite the freak snowstorm! We had members and new guests attending who shared, learned and got inspired to be more confident.

8. For Soul Fitness‘ North Shore Weight Loss Charity Challenge.

How to WOW your Goal-Setting:

  1. Saturday 26th May 2006
  2. Saturday 15th July 2006
  3. Saturday 23rd September 2006
  4. Saturday 18th November 2006
  5. Saturday 20th January 2007
  6. Saturday 10th March 2007

9. For the YWCA‘s “Connect to Success Mentorship” Program, Hornby St, Vancouver.

Fight Fair – Conflict & The Workplace:

  1. Thursday 28th September 2006, 6-8pm
  2. Tuesday 9th January 2007, 6-8pm

10. For the YMCA Entrepreneur Program, Burnaby and Vancouver.

Positive Networking for the Small Business Owner:

  1. Wednesday 11th October 2006 – YMCA Burnaby
  2. Wednesday 8th November 2006 – YMCA Downtown Vancouver
  3. Friday 9th February 2007 – YMCA Burnaby
  4. Tuesday 3rd April 2007 – YMCA Burnaby
  5. Friday 27th June 2007 – YMCA Burnaby

11. For the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Trade Show 2006.

  • Conflict & The Workplace: Wednesday February 22nd 2006


Presented with Britta Englisch, Retreat Coach.

    • The Spring Goddess Retreat – See poster here at Eclektica Art Gallery, Thursday April 24th 2008, 6.00-9.30pm
    • The Summer Goddess Retreat – See poster here at The Granville Island Hotel, Saturday June 21st 2008, 9.30am-1.00pm
    • The Autumn Goddess Retreat – See poster here at Eclektica Art Gallery, Thursday October 2nd 2008, 6.00-9.30pm

Here are some TESTIMONIALS from these popular Goddess Retreats:

  • “Touched my inner soul, my inner goddess, I did not know I had. Life changing!!” Tairalynn C, Wedding Planner
  • “I discovered how empowering it is to be surrounded by women on similar journeys in life.” Corinne Begg, Emergency Medical Dispatcher
  • “The Spring Goddess Retreat is a great 3 hours in the midst of our chaotic lives to stop and linger and indulge your spirit” Jesse Andrews, Italian travel company owner